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ednet | The world of cables

We have a perfect wire - for you and for our products. ednet provides you with the right cable for your everyday companions. Whether smartphone, tablet, notebook or TV - you will always find the right cable at a reasonable price with us. Our cables don’t kink. They keep things neat and accompany you longer than just a few weeks. Unless you leave them lying around someplace.;)

And when that happens, you just get a new ednet cable because it won’t cost the earth.

No cables, no cookies

Charge, transfer data, connect – without cables you peek into the tubes. Our product line ranges from device connection cables for printers, monitors, phones, TVs and much more via FireWire, Thunderbolt, MHL, audio and video cables with HDMI or Displayport connections for instance, to tablet and smartphone cables for mobile use.

Aluminum housing with logo branding

The aluminum connector housing provides better EMC properties (electromagnetic compatibility). Thanks to better shielding, lesser interference can negatively affect other devices.

Logo branding

Thanks to uniform branding, a high degree of recognition is ensured with the customer. The overall picture of different cabling is also standardized and provides a good overview.

Gold-plated plug

The gold-plated plug of the ednet premium cable also ensures improved signal transmission. The lower transition resistance thus ensures an improved connection between the connected devices.

Cover with cotton mesh

What has already proven itself with the household iron is also found in the premium segment of ednet cables.

The advantages are obvious:A higher flexibility and stability at the same time make it easier for you to use the cables in the everyday environment.The cable is better protected against external influences such as bruises, and has an improved look at the same time. This high-quality workmanship ensures more customer satisfaction.

Uniform packaging

Attractive retail spaces can be designed with the new packaging concept. The packaging is designed in such a way that it always results in a clean, clear and appealing overall look. Retail space can therefore be fully exploited.


Everything at a glance!
The world of cables is big and somewhat confusing for some users. The viewing window of our high-quality cable packaging makes it easier for end users to find the required cable, since both ports (input and output) are visible at a glance:

Main features
You will find the most important advantages of the product on each cable packaging in the same place visualized with descriptive application graphics. They give you a helping hand in replicating your personal application scenario and show the length of each cable at a glance.

The icons provide a clear guide through the world of cables and clearly highlight the product properties of the cable.

To be customer-friendly and internationally competitive, you will find 10 languages (English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Portuguese and Turkish) on the back of the packaging.

Viewing window
Each package has a generous viewing window to capture the cable type in its entirety at a glance.