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How do I equip my office professionally?

Whether in the home office or at work, you need a few office supplies to get your business ahead. Focus on order and discipline, these are the main pillars for your success. The appropriate office technology need not be expensive. In order to be able to connect all your devices you will need a good USB hub. The brand ednet has many USB hubs in its portfolio to meet any requirements. A keyboard must also be cleaned from time to time. The ednet cleaner blows the last dust particles from the depths of your keyboard. The display cleaner lets you see your crystal clear future again on the monitor. Also think about security - not just at the level of stored data. Our notebook locks secure both your laptop and monitors.

Equip your home office with practical products from ednet. You can get these office items at ednet:

  • Keyboards
  • Computer mice
  • Notebook accessories
  • USB hubs
  • Document shredders
  • Laminators
  • Screen and keyboard cleaners

More office products from ednet

Office theme: What security level should my document shredder meet?

For offices, government agencies and companies, it has long been a duty to safely destroy personal data according to specific guidelines. But private individuals should also take care not to just throw away their crumpled paper documents, since the old paper of an average household contains a great deal of information that better not to get into other hands. The new ednet shredders can help you here. All models are GS certified and meet the security levels defined by DIN standard 66399 for the safe destruction of data carriers.

Strips or cross cut – what type of cut should my shredder have?

The type of cut of your paper shredder is not a question of design. The different cutting techniques decide which security level your document shredder has. The cross cut (also called particle cut) is considered to be the safest variant. The paper pieces are much smaller and thus it is almost impossible to reassemble them. The small pieces take up less space, so you have to empty the shredder less frequently and save space in the paper bin.

With the strip cut, your sheet of paper is simply cut into long, narrow paper strips. When buying, you should make sure that your shredder cuts strips as narrow as possible.
Paper shredders with strip technology often create more sheets in a shredding process than cross-cut models. But be careful: Fast does not equal good!

  • ednet. Document Shredder with Cross Cut/Particle Cut:

    91608  Document Shredder X10CD / 10 sheets
    91607  Document Shredder X7CD / 7 sheets  
    91606  Document Shredder X5 / 5 sheets  

  • ednet. Document Shredder with Strip Cut:

    91604 Document Shredder S-5 / 5 sheets
    91605 Document Shredder S7CD / 7 sheets