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We don’t just love technology. We live it.


The ednet team develops gadgets, mobility and smart home products for you at the highest technical level. We are designers, engineers, nerds, programmers and creative newcomers with the absolute will to set trends.

Our products make daily life easier for you, they support you, give you a feeling of safety, they are fun and don’t cost a fortune.


We live the digital lifestyle.

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    Our products watch over your home while you're on the go. They will contact you if there is a problem and always give you a feeling of safety.

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    Our products make your home a real feel-good place. You can control light, warmth and sound exactly as you wish.

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    Our products help you to save energy.

    This is good for you and for our planet.

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    Our apps

  • Apps
  • Our apps allow you to get more out of your favorite product and give you what you're looking for.



    Our vision

  • Unsere Vision
  • To deliver one more idea for each product as a team with lots of fun. We love to surprise and inspire ourselves and our customers again and again.


    Our mission

  • Unsere Mission
  • Make the world one idea smarter for all of us.