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ednet. power | Additional mobile batteries and charging adapter

Additional mobile batteries for cellphones and for notebooks are a lifesaver for those who are desperately looking for an outlet while on the go. For those who travel often and simply don’t have a way to charge their smartphone, their digicam or their laptop on the plane or on the train, ednet has a wide selection of the so-called power banks on offer. The lifesaver in this emergency always steps in when your battery shows just a small residual bar once again.

How much power should my additional battery bring?

We offer you additional mobile batteries in different power levels, depending on how often you want to charge your devices. It also depends on how often you find an outlet. Basically, you can use any ednet power bank with your smartphone. The difference in power will only affect how often you can charge the individual devices one after another without having to charge your additional mobile battery itself.

For example, if you are planning a backpacking trip through Brazil and you already know that you will meet a lot of ocelots and river dolphins in the Amazon jungle, but outlets there are more likely to be an endangered species, you should have a sufficiently large power bank in your backpack.
We recommend the ednet Power Bank 8000 with induction charging function for your road trip.

•    Power bank with a capacity of 8000 mhA
•    Charges tablet and smartphone at the same time
•    Charging status indicator via LED
•    Induction charging function allows charging without cables

Which additional battery fits my smartphone?

These jewels from the ednet power bank collection are not only stylish but also particularly powerful. The additional mobile batteries in an ultra-slim design charges a smartphone up to 3 times and a tablet up to 1 time. This will extend your talk time by up to 8 hours. Thanks to the two USB ports in an elegant aluminum housing, two devices can be easily charged at the same time. This is particularly communicative. So you can offer it to your friends to quickly charge their smartphone, if their batteries are just barely charged.

The stylish ednet Slim Line aluminum power banks are available in the following colors: silver, gray, gold and rosé.

ednet.power | Charge smartphones and tablets on the go in your car

Your car is not just a vehicle that takes you quickly from A to B. It is also a real power station. Full power that you can use to charge your smartphone or tablet, for example.

If you're on the road and the battery of your digicam has already run out of power, just charge it via your cigarette lighter. ednet.power offers you a wide selection of affordable and reliable charging adapters.

Can I charge two smartphones in my car at the same time?

The charging adapters for your car are small and handy. When they are not needed, they simply disappear into the glove compartment. Directly choose a product with two USB ports, then you can charge two devices at the same time. Both ports detect completely by themselves that two different devices are connected. They supply the individually required charging current.

The Quick ChargeTM 3.0 car charging adapter (ednet|84103) charges your smartphone with full speed and is thus faster on the go than conventional chargers. So you don’t have to drive a long distance to make your device fit again.