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.power Outdoor Smart Plug


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  • Description

    ednet.power wireless plug for outdoor receiver unit, IP44 waterproof for outdoor use, bk

    App Controlles Power Outlet for Outdoor use - also supports Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant

    • Power On/Off control via Smartphone, Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant
    • Easy pairing with the Main Gateway
    • Base on RF433 technology
    • IP44 Outdoor use

    With our ednet.power Smart Plugs, we offer you a simple to use socket solution for indoor (prod. no. 84291) and outdoor (prod. No. 84292) use at an attractive price. The Smart Plugs are an extension for the ednet.smart home HD Starter Kit Security (prod. No.84337) which makes it possible to operate the sockets quickly and simply via your smartphone thanks to our free of charge app. Connected devices, such as televisions, lamps, heaters, coffee machines etc. can thus be operated conveniently, no matter whether you are at home or out and about. The wireless data transfer works based on wireless LAN and RF433 technology. The only requirement is a WiFi or 3G connection. Up to 100 further sensors and actuators can be connected to the smart home base station within a range of 15 meters. With the help of the app, you have the possibility of setting rules for all the sensors and actuators on the smart home system and adjusting your individual requirements so that, for example, the alarm signal sounds as soon as the door contact sensor is tripped. In doing so, you can also allow for time sequences which ensure that e.g. the switchable socket turns on when the motion detector is triggered, and turns off again after ten seconds. The entire mode of operation of the system is oriented towards the fully automated control of your smart home, which makes a manual intervention unnecessary.

    Technical Details

    • Works only with ednet.power STARTER KIT
    • Additional extension for the ednet.power Starter Kit for outdoor use
    • Integrated RF433 technology for wireless transmission
    • IP44 waterproof for outdoor application
    • Control On/Off of your electrical appliances via ednet.power APP anytime anywhere
    • Power Plugs supports maximum power of 3680W with 230Vac at 16A as the maximum ratings.

    Package content

    • Outdoor Smart Plug
    • QIG (quick installation guide)
  • Logistics

    Packaging Unit Carton184,3038,0031,0031,5037107,00
    Packaging Unit Inside10,2412,308,8018,502002,44
    Packaging Unit Single10,2412,308,8018,502002,44
    Net single without Packaging1-0,1612,308,8018,502002,44